The Best Chef Recipe

In food, execution, art, hospitality, and the human-connection, we dwell! 

The food is important, but it's not everything.

I've seen this in a few chefs, and a lot of cooks. Food is the only thing on this earth that will romance all 5 senses, in one experience. However, to obsess over the food without nurturing the joy of the dining experience is to love and not be loved.

Execution ultimately produces "flow".

The execution is something that should use all of the focus, ability, and talent you have. It combines timing with art, systems with variables. Food should be a natural thing; it should live, and it should die. No two foods should be the same, the uniqueness of these items need to be harnessed, but ultimately celebrated. When you apply these principals together, a flow of creation occurs. Much like music, a concerto, or art.

Art is an expression.

I had spent most of my life being intimidated by artists. I did not consider myself amongst this elite-class of society. It wasn't until I saw art in places other than humankind that my perceptions of art slowly shifted. The gardens of the restaurant in Sonoma County I worked for are still dear to my heart. It showed me how to express myself in a beautiful way. The food is but a piece of this experience that I consider art.

Hospitality puts the "art" in "heart".

It will be hard to keep this one short. How passionate I am to restore hospitality to our society. We have gotten to the point where our idea of "good service" is the diner employee who is direct, to the point, efficient, and majorly absent; when something is needed, and if that is the case, we'd better not wait more than twenty seconds. Have we forgotten the roots of our restaurants? This is not how we treat our hosts and hostesses in the home, and therefore it shouldn't be how to ask of our hosts in the public-house. Service is of servitude, which is an honorable thing. To provide servitude from a genuine source of inner-generosity is one of the greatest gifts that can be given. When it's genuine, it doesn't usually look like "good-service".

Human connection is the perfect pairing for a good meal.

Food is the fun of the basic physical needs. Sharing in community is the most fun of the basic emotional needs. When you apply the execution and hospitality to the dining-experience, you get great food and human-connection. That's an art I will always enjoy creating. Can't wait to hang out with you.