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Introducing Chef & Owner Christian Bachman


“Everybody eats food; it’s one of our basic needs and something we share with all living things on this earth. Here at Bachman’s Wholesome Catering Company, we are passionate about providing a delicious and wholesome product to our community. Through this food, we are striving to go beyond the norm of “healthy eating” and simply to “eating well”- two phrases we hear all the time with very different connotations.  However wellness, by definition, is a combination of mental, physical, AND spiritual health. By taking joy in what we do in the kitchen and doing so deliciously, we intend to improve our client’s full triage of health. The results will simply be amazing special occasions to our event clientele, more productive work days for our business clients, and cherished moments over a family dinner table through our personal chef services.”


“When my grandmother feeds me a meal, it is many things. It is delicious, it is quality time, it is nourishing, there is connection, and it is humble. To me a restaurant should, at it's core, be a place full of tables to be shared by family and friends. This is honorable and important work. Why, then, are our restaurant and food-service workers some of our communities most hopeless people? How does that affect the food? The service?

I believe that we can make radical change in our industry and have a great impact on our community by thriving as a business, and passing this on to those that help us make what we do happen on a daily basis. Let’s create careers, not jobs. A livelihood and a trade. Chefs have a long, proud history of servant-hood. It brings me great joy to apply myself to such a craft.”